False Spring

So it’s technically not False Spring (rather, it’s that extremely cold period of time following False Spring), but I’m on spring break and have thus been lulled into a false sense of relaxation and apathy…? I don’t know. “False Spring” just seemed like the right title for this update.

“False Spring” also feels like the right title because I’m currently in the middle of All the Wrong Questions, which is a series of autobiographical, noir fiction-esque accounts “written” by Lemony Snicket, who previously “penned” A Series of Unfortunate Events, which includes a discussion of False Spring atop a mountain known as Mount Fraught. (That was a long sentence, and I apologize.) This is particularly exciting for me, because 1) I adore the narration of Lemony Snicket the character and the witty writing of Daniel Handler the author, and 2) this is the first time I’ve been successful at waiting patiently to read something. All the Wrong Questions debuted over four years ago, and I made it until this spring break before rushing to the library and checking out half the series (and rushing to Barnes & Noble and reading the other half). Usually, I end up frantically devouring a book the minute it’s available–even if it’s 3am on a Wednesday morning and homework and exams are looming.

Anyway, spring break has been good. There are a lot of things I haven’t read–most notably the rest of The Winter’s Tale and all the music scores I was supposed to learn this week–but I’ve also gotten the chance to check out a small handful of books. And nothing feels quite as wonderful as settling down with a good book after a handful of difficult weeks at school.

On that note, this seems like the right time to return to All the Wrong Questions (see what I did there?). Happy reading–and hope to be back soon!